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Empowering operations and enhancing user accessibility

Smart Machine Assistance

Digital tools to get more out of your machine

Increase overall product quality and machine efficiency

Improving accessibility and usability

What is it?

Smart Machine Assistance (SMA) is an advanced system designed to improve accessibility and usability for users with varying levels of technical expertise. SMA offers insights into the machine, providing a comprehensive overview in a clear, organized manner. Recognizing manufacturers’ machine operations challenges, SMA offers a user-friendly and clear software interface.  

This is a standard feature in machines supplied by Nedschroef Machinery, requiring subscription-based access. Since 2020, SMA has provided valuable insights into machine operations and is equipped with different modules for monitoring machine and production efficiency. 

Our solution 

Our Smart Machine Assistant software provides optimal machine parameters to the operator, product manager, maintenance engineer, team leader or other user. A combination of a standardized application and customized services enable tailoring of the solution to your needs.  

Developed to help users find the right settings on their machines to produce quality-conform parts under changing production conditions, SMA offers concrete insights into production parameters during operation, making it possible to increase overall product quality and machine efficiency. 


Key features  

  • User-friendly navigation with clear user options 
  • For users with varying levels of technical expertise 
  • Clear software interface. 
  • Standard feature of Nedschroef Machinery machines with straightforward activation process. 
  • Alarm page with detailed alarm statistics 


Key Modules 

  • Overview of current machine values  
  • Energy manager to monitor electricity and air consumption 
  • Alert manager to monitor all existing sensors (pressure/temperature/power/...) 
  • OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) manager with a detailed overview of alarms 
  • The system also facilitates retrofitting.  


Smart machine assistance

Competitive Advantage 

  • Software independently developed by Nedschroef Machinery, whereas competitors often rely on external suppliers for monitoring.  
  • Robust data security measures are in place, with Mindsphere secured by Siemens in the cloud platform.  
  • Comprehensive tool offers a factory-based solution for a clear and organized overview of machine insights.  


Data logging - Harnessing Data for Insightful Analysis 

Data logging lies at the heart of our SMA dashboard system, leveraging cloud-stored data logged from every machine within your operation. Critical information is meticulously recorded, encompassing alarms, machine statuses (including production, alarm, stop, and reverse modes), machine speeds, product counters, product names, and electricity consumption. This comprehensive dataset serves as the foundation for generating a suite of intuitive SMA dashboards, offering real-time insights into operational performance.  

The versatility of our system also accommodates various sensor configurations, enabling the logging of additional parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, and motor current. These supplementary metrics are seamlessly integrated into our alert module, ensuring swift and informed responses to anomalies or potential issues. 

Frequent updates by Nedschroef Machinery 

The impact of regular updates to our SMA solutions depends on seamless integration of the software, as well as customer feedback driving improvement or adjustment. Updates provide continuous improvement and innovation. Organizations must be able to provide expert feedback to mitigate disruptions. It is critical to ensure that users can conveniently take advantage of the evolving capabilities of smart machine support. Successful SMA update management for Nedschroef Machinery involves careful planning, effective communication, and thorough testing. 

Operating SMA systems made easy 

We prioritize user-friendliness and efficiency in tool development. We understand the importance of minimizing the learning curve and ensuring accessibility for all users, regardless of experience. Our goal is to streamline operations and reduce the time required to keep systems up-to-date.  

Through careful planning and thorough testing, we strive to deliver intuitive tools that empower customers without unnecessary complexities. Our commitment to user-centric design intends to ensure managing SMA systems becomes a seamless and rewarding experience. 

Nedschroef Operator

Skilled People, the Essence 

Not all production processes have been fully automated. Fine adjustments need to be made manually according to changes in production conditions. This requires a high level of knowledge and expertise by the machine operator.  

An increasing number of variables that can affect the process makes it difficult for the operator to identify correlations and adequately react to changing production conditions. Limited staff capacity and an ageing workforce with more and more experienced machine operators retiring are making the transfer of know-how a challenge.  

SMA requires experienced individuals in service, installation, and error response – which are hard to find. SMA could serve as a helping hand to operators still developing their skills and experience, providing support and guidance in navigating complex production processes. 

Learning and Adjustment

Updates provide an opportunity for users to explore new features and enhancements, fostering continuous growth and development. With each update, users can expand their skills and capabilities, enhancing their proficiency with the system.  

Regular improvements to the interface or functionality encourage users to adapt and innovate, ultimately empowering them to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in their tasks. 


  • Improve users’ machine and process productivity.  
  • Enhance the quality of production processes. 
  • Accelerate experiential learning for users, improving productivity and confidence in machine operation. 
Smart machine assistance

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