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Who are we?

Nedschroef Machinery is a leading supplier of multistation cold and warm metal forming machines, founded in 1961 and part of Nedschroef Holding. At the Nedschroef Machinery headquarters in Herentals (Belgium) our dedicated employees develop and produce machines and tooling solutions. On our production site in Herentals, around 25 machines are built every year by our team of skilled and experienced technicians.

Nedschroef Machinery is represented worldwide, on three strategic locations: Herentals, Detroit and Kunshan. From these sales and service centers, we provide technical support and service for the more than 1250 machines that are installed all over the world. Our dedicated sales team offers professional customer care for inquiries and investment projects of client. We value relationships highly and customer satisfaction is key for Nedschroef Machinery.

Nedschroef Machinery

Built to perform

Nedschroef Machinery designs and crafts durable, innovative, globally renowned machines that meet any manufacturing challenge you may have. Our ‘smart forming’ approach allows you to produce more complex and functional products more quickly.  

We’re always pushing the boundaries of cold forming. Our innovative approach enhances the flexibility, intelligence, and efficiency of the production process for cold and warm formed metal parts. After pioneering servo technology in cold metal forming machines, we’re enhancing production efficiency and digitization. Discover our state-of-the-art Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) and Smart Machine Assistance, along with our Digital Twin technology that revolutionizes machinery management. 

Why choose Nedschroef Machinery?

  • Reliable machines built to perform
  • The fastest route to high-quality manufacturing 
  • High output and production flexibility 
  • Significant improvements in repeatability and accuracy 
  • Fast changeovers, optimized operations and reduced downtime 
  • More forming possibilities of complex geometries 
  • More sustainable and cost-effective production
  • Extensive service team to keep the machines running
"Nedschroef Machinery has consistently exceeded our expectations in terms of reliability"

We kicked off our Nedschroef journey back in 1996 when we acquired our first machine. Fast forward to today, and we're proud to say we now have 14 Nedschroefs in our arsenal! One of the standout features for us has been the easy tooling changeovers. Efficiency is key in production, and Nedschroef machines have truly delivered in this aspect. Nedschroef machines sets apart from other suppliers in terms of reliability, this is very important for us and Nedschroef does not disappoint. These machines are really built to perform!

Doug Waterman
Production Manager, Brunner Manufacturing Co.