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Essential for an effective uptime-focused strategy


At the heart of proactive maintenance


Ensuring Continuity 

During visits to customers, we conduct thorough inspections on existing Nedschroef Machinery's cold forming equipment, to assess their mechanical, electrical, pneumatical, and hydraulic condition. Results are used to perform preventive maintenance immediately or develop customized maintenance plans for individual machines. As a result, parts are replaced at the right time to minimize downtime and machines operate at maximum capacity. 

Inspections are conducted by our qualified technicians, based on scheduled maintenance or customer needs. Through regular inspections and maintenance, we can proactively identify and address issues, minimizing unexpected downtime and ensuring overall machine reliability. All inspections are performed manually, without laptop monitoring. Findings are reported by Nedschroef, eliminating the need for customers to report issues themselves.  

Inspection items

Items inspected Include at least: bearing points, clearances, sensors, air pressure, lubrication pressure, hydraulic pressure and flow rates. Each machine inspection is thoroughly documented and is in consultation with the maintenance and production teams. Where needed, training is given on how to improve maintenance of the machine.