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Operator ergonomics

Easy operation, maintenance and inspection

designed with operator ergonomics in mind

Features to make the job of operator more appealing

Production facilities are challenged by the shortage of technical skilled operators. Nedschroef tries to contribute to making the job of operator more interesting by improving operator ergonomics and introducing features to make it more appealing to the younger generation to choose for a career in the coldforming industry. Our machines are built in a way to allow easy access to the main machine utilities and cold forming area for easy operation, maintenance and inspection.

Examples include die change tools, transfer set-up jig, punch alignment tool, forming area easy accessible by lifting transfer, exchangeable punch blocks, motorized adjustments, central lubrication system, … the machine is designed with operator ergonomics in mind.

Behind the scenes we are working hard to create a digital tool for training new operators in understanding kinematics, machine settings and timing mechanisms. Together with our customer we want to make the cold forming industry more attractive to a new generation of professionals.

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