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Your machine deserves an upgrade



Enhancing lifespan and performance

What do we do?

Revisions (also known as retrofitting or refurbishing) go beyond inspections. Revisions include adjustments and improvements based on customer demand and the latest technology. A machine’s age can affect expected repair costs, which can be significant, making revision key to cost savings.

Additionally, we offer customer-specific solutions and a dynamic approach that adapts to your needs. In cooperation between Nedschroef and the customer, the machine is tailored to evolving production requirements, integrating technological advancements and optimizing efficiency. 

What sets us apart in service and support?  

Our focus on implementing upgrades in revisions. We can equip machines older than 30 years with the latest technologies, upgrades, and long-term support, significantly enhancing their lifespan and performance. If necessary, parts can be supplied at a later date. 

Conversion and Revision (Mechanical) 

Are you considering purchasing a new machine, revising equipment, or modernizing equipment to meet the latest specifications? Our team will evaluate the best option for you. If a software upgrade, extra functionalities, or a complete revision will do the job - instead of buying a new machine - we will recommend that option. In this way, we can help you improve performance. 

Usually, machines’ main mechanical components are still in good condition after years of use. However, control and drive technology continue to steadily evolve, resulting in newer, better performing machines. By extending the lifespan of your existing machines our conversion and revision service offer you the same benefits as a modern machine.  

Nedschroef revision

what's inclusive?

Conversion and revision activities we perform


  • Investigation and initial validation of the machine's condition 
  • Disassembly of structural components 
  • Inspection and evaluation of all components 
  • Adjustment, repair, or replacement of functional components 
  • Component machining and grinding  
  • Cleaning and painting 
  • Replacement and upgrading of electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic parts 
  • Assembly and adjustment of structural components 
  • Compliance with standards and regulations 
  • Installation and commissioning 
  • Calibration, functional tests, and customer acceptance 

Updating Technology

Renewing Components (Revision Approach)

Our conversion service focuses on keeping machine technology up to date. This ensures older machines continue to perform while providing the quality that can be expected from a new machine, throughout our products' typical superior lifespan. By performing software upgrades or installing additional modules, we add functionality to increase automation levels and make operation easier.

Are you experiencing operational difficulties? Have our on-site inspections identified issues with certain machine parts and wear parts? Then our revision approach may be required. This means completely dismantling a machine and rebuilding it with new parts to reach an operational level comparable to that of a brand-new machine. Revision can also be applied to a specific selection of parts rather than the entire machine.

Nedschroef Revision

Our conversion and revision services result in

  • Minimized investment costs 
  • Increased automation levels 
  • Extended equipment lifespan 
  • Improved machine reliability 
  • Enhanced quality and productivity 
  • Improved user-friendliness 
  • Advanced monitoring capabilities 
  • Compliance with the latest standards 


Machine upgrades

Technological advancements allow us to introduce a complete line of upgrades - from PLCs and machine control/interfaces to automated adjustments and machine and operator safety improvements. Enhancements (such as our NC servo feed) are retrofittable, allowing conversion of even our oldest machine constructions. All of these improvements can be performed as a partial conversion/upgrade at your site, or you can choose to implement enhancements when carrying out a full machine rebuild (the most economical option). This can be carried out at our headquarters in Herentals, Belgium, or at our service center in Detroit.

Standardization for Reliable Solutions 

We aim for integration of standardization, ensuring Nedschroef presses offer reliable and flexible solutions across various industries. Nedschroef has actively rebuilt equipment to serve customers with aging machinery fleets. 

Comprehensive Modernizations and Economic Alternatives 

In addition to replacement and repair of mechanical parts, we offer many other modernizations. For example, we could upgrade an (original) Nedtronic I or II control system to the latest NedControl system, which provides intuitive operation and remote support. The new control systems can be accessed remotely via an EWON modem. All automated adjustments are updated to our latest system with 'Lenze' servo motors. 

Performance Excellence and Focus on OEE 

Rebuilding offers an economic alternative to buying new equipment, while allowing the addition of up-to-date features. Nedschroef Machinery’s unparalleled cold forming industry performance allows our customers to achieve tighter tolerances. Our rebuild team focuses on surpassing the OEE of the original machine construction.