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Product tooling

In-house knowledge

Nedschroef tooling department

Nedschroef Machinery has more than 50 years of experience and know-how about cold metal forming. We have our own tooling department with experienced engineers who are developing unique tooling solutions. Each of them is driven by passion for new techniques and new possibilities. Intrigued by new product requests, they can help you discover the possibilities of cold forming and together develop the tooling.

Inevitable to meet product requirements

Tooling design

Tool design is the process of developing or optimising the tooling for a new part. Tooling are all the parts that are put inside the forming area of the machine and that are used for the different deformation steps.

Tool development process

For complex parts, simulation software is used. This helps in determining the correct deformation steps.

A new request starts with a feasibility study, where we check whether a certain part can be made on an existing machine or what new machine could be a good fit for producing the parts. 

Next step is testing the tooling we have developed onto one of our demo machines or onto the machine of the customer. Once the tooling is installed inside the machine and the finetuning of the machine settings are finished, the produced parts are measured using different high accuracy measuring devices. Afterwards, these values are checked to the product drawing and together with the customer, the design of the tooling is adjusted where needed.

We work together closely with experienced partners. Special materials (stainless steels, heatresistant steels can be tested in our Technology Center and for tool manufacturing, we have our sister company SMF Tools to develop and machine high-quality tooling.

Nedschroef Tooling

What can we do for you?

We can help you to find out if and how a metal part can be produced with cold forming technology.

  • Feasibility check of the part 
  • Design of coldformed product drawing 
  • Progression development
  • Simulation
  • Tool design 
  • Test tooling 
  • Producing 10.000 samples according to drawing