Technician regulating NC transfer
New forming capabilities and increased productivity

Nedform Hybrid technology

Servo technology integrated on Nedform machines

What is it?

'Hybrid' concept

The Nedform Hybrid is the latest development in the Nedform range. A multi station forming machine for diameters from 5 to 25 mm and product lengths up to 280 mm. This machine is equipped with servo direct drives in wire feeding and product transfer. This allows for quick product changeover, easy reproducibility of proven settings, short set-up times and precision. The Nedform Hybrid is a very flexible machine offering new forming capabilities and high versatility. The machine can be extended with integrated pointing and threading station to form bolts (M5 to M24) in one single operation and also induction heating equipment to allow warm forming.

What's in it for me?

Unique NC-technology features

Servo driven product transfer
- Electronically set of individual fi nger opening and closing, and clamping pressure of each fi nger. Programming of these settings can be set in any position of the main slide.
- FOP transfer, the fingers open so far that they completely clear the punches. Makes pick-up of very short parts from punch or
die possible, and allows the use of extra large punch diameters, hence more forming capabilities.

Servo direct drive linear wire feed
With servo-motor-actuated wire clamps, electronically adjustable (even when the machine is running) at a lenght precision of 0.01 mm.

To get a better understanding, make sure watch the videos below!

Technician regulating NC transfer

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