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Human Machine Interface

Human Machine Interface

Straightforward interaction with the machine

visually intuitive views of components

Redefining user experience

Our commitment to technological excellence extends to the development of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI). These allow our customers to manage and control machines through visually intuitive views of components in industrial production and automation environments.  

Our own HMI systems provide a user-friendly interface for controlling machines, enabling remote operation with the smallest possible number of operators. This ensures reliability and simplifies machine management. 

HMI4.0 is a proof of our commitment to user-centered design and marks a giant leap forward. In collaboration with professional UX/HMI designers and suppliers of web-based software platforms, we continuously incorporate user feedback to improve usability and profitability.  

A good example is the optimization of key functions displayed on one screen. The previous version included standard machine details such as rotational speed (RPM), peak power and a counter. However, the advanced HMI4.0 now includes functions such as product measurement, job scheduling and a detailed overview of shifts. Suitable for both manual and automatic settings, this enhancement provides machine operators with a comprehensive set of tools for efficient machine control. 


Main Features 

  • Comprehensive alarm display with full timeline/history and clear filtering, enhancing user support for resolving alarms and boosting ease of operation.  
  • Inclusion of a recipe/product overview, complete with history, version management, and operator note creation to empower users. 
  • Daily monitoring and adjustment, coupled with clearly displayed tasks per shift, week, or month, support optimal machine performance. This streamlines changeovers, expedites operator training, provides clear instructions for new operators, and enhances diagnostics for efficient troubleshooting. 
  • Online support  
  • Clear screens, increased from 12 to 19 inches 
  • Structured maintenance interface contributes the holistic approach of HMI4.0.  


Additional features: 

  • Use of tablet  
  • Display of technical drawings, manuals as operator support 
  • Display of product drawings, motion graphics ... 
  • Cameras with live images of machine, enabes viewing of images at a given alarm. 
  • Motion diagrams explaining/showing kinematics of machine. 
  • Direct contact with service department of Nedschroef. 
  • Multilanguage 
Technicians working on a machine

Customer benefits: empowering manufacturing excellence  

Online support facilitates changeovers, expediting transition between manufacturing processes. User-friendly interface accelerates training of new operators, providing clear instructions and intuitive insights into machine status. Enhanced diagnostics allow operators to identify and resolve issues promptly, contributing to the overall efficiency of manufacturing processes. 

Qualified personnel and service on demand 

Nedschroef recognizes the critical role of excellent personnel, especially during changeovers. Therefor, we offer comprehensive training programs to equip operators with the skills needed to endure the complexities of machine operation, ensuring a seamless transition during changeovers. In addition, we offer on-demand service, underscoring our commitment to customer satisfaction and continued operational excellence. 

Watch the video below to learn about our new HMI.

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