Nedschroef Machine
For large-diameter parts

Nedmax product range

New generation of machines for big diameter parts with improved operator ergonomics

About Nedmax


Nedmax product range is designed to produce large-diameter parts. In the design of the machine, operator ergonomics was the starting point because the weight and dimensions of dies, punches and cut-off mechanism are too big to handle easy by hand. Not only operator ergonomics but also machine automation is a key difference with the basic Nedform range.

What are the main differences?

Nedmax vs Nedform

  • Servo-motor adjustment of the wedges located at the die-side
  • Exchangeable individual punch holders
  • Exchangeable individual die holders
  • Exchangeable individual cut-off mechanism holding knife and quill
  • Higher velocity cut-off mechanism resulting in a even shearing surface
  • Product change-over option with robot
  • Soft drop belt transporting the product from the last station gently onto the product conveyor
  • Alignment jig for product set-up outside the machine


Watch the movie underneath to see a Nedmax NM633L running production.


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