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For tight product tolerances

Precise mainslide and wide overdimensioned crankshaft

One of the reasons why our machines are 'built to perform'

precise alignment between dies and punches

A more accurate coldforming process

What sets our mainslide apart is its material and functional design. The mainslide is made out of nodular cast iron, which is the same material as the machine frame. This intentional choice limits the need of lateral space between the mainslide and its guidings, which is required because of thermal expansion of both machine frame and mainslide during production. Therefore, lateral play of the mainslide is reduced to a minimum which results in a more precise coldforming process.

To ensure impact resistance performance of the mainslide, refined wear plates are mounted behind the wedges. These plates can be easily replaced as a wear part, avoiding expensive machine repairs. 

The design of the mainslide ensures a precise alignment between dies and punches. This is achieved by implementing a wide overdimensioned crankshaft and connecting rod. The long overhead mainslide minimizes deformation and therefor results in a precise yet powerful coldforming solution.

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