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Machines designed to last, built to perform

Durable design

Behind Nedschroef Machinery's innovative approach on machine development

smoother operation and better dynamic balance

Minimizing friction and reducing wear, resulting in less maintenance

Continuing its commitment to durability, the machine employs a gear train submerged in oil to facilitate rotational movements. This innovative approach minimizes friction, reduces wear and demands less maintenance when compared to traditional excentre-rod transfer mechanisms. The submerged gear train not only ensures a smoother operation but also results in a better dynamic balance of the machine.

Nedform machines also feature the separation of the flywheel and timing gear by a friction disk. This strategic design not only enhances precision but also safeguards the crucial timing mechanism in the movement of various machine parts, including mainslide, kick-out, cut-off and finger transfer. In the event of a machine crash due to whatever reason, this separation ensures that the synchronized movements are retained.

Gear train

The core of our machine is a one-piece nodular cast iron frame, designed to last. Mounted on an oil drip tray, the machine can be installed on a regular reinforced concrete floor without the need of special foundation or dedicated rag bolts. This facilitates the ease of the installation process and reduces overall costs. Nedform machines are designed for a seamlessly integration into existing manufacturing plants.

Machine frame