Wire on uncoiler
Unmatched accuracy

Linear wire feed

Optimised wire feed method resulting in better cut-off quality

a crucial feature

Consistent wire feeding with minimal risk on damages to surface and coating

Crucial for producing parts with tight tolerances is the material feed. It requires a consistent and repeatable wire feeding into the machine. Nedschroef Machinery has opted for perfecting linear wire feed technology which, as a main advantage, prevents damages to wire surface and coating. Linear wire feed eliminates the need of a wire stopper which results in a overall better cut-off quality. Nedform machines are also standard equipped with a short wire feed length detector, this feature automatically rejects short feed blanks avoiding double blows and crashes.

As an option, Nedform machines can be equipped with a slug feeding system or a feeding system for pre-formed parts.

Two person standing inside the technical area of the machine

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