Engineer in front of PC
Straightening machine


Main machine benefits

  • High output
  • Short set-up times because of digital data storage
  • Automatic rejection of bad parts (integrated measurement)
  • Compact design
  • Operator friendly and easy maintenance
  • Directly driven straightening rolls to avoid slipping of the part

Technical specifications

  • Min/max product diameter (mm) 6/22
  • Min/max product length (mm) 100/500
  • Maximum output (ppm) 90
  • Floor space (m²) 1,5

What's in it for you?

Our RRA straightening machine straightens axially symmetric parts like long axles, shafts, bolts, screws and rods. The straightening improvement is up to factor 10, depending on the material properties of the product. The machine is suitable for processing parts with or without thread, parts with flange in the middle, parts with stepped shafts and parts with threaded ends.