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Easy and efficient roll forming machine


What's in it for me?

The flat die roll forming machine utilizes direct driven servo technology. Its unique features enhance manufacturing accuracy, repeatability, productivity and production flexibility. Furthermore, die matching is easier than ever, maintenance is minimised and energy consumption is reduced by using proven innovative technology. In short: this solution perfectly meets today’s demand for (high tensile) thread and profile rolling.

Main machine benefits

  • Durable design
  • Direct-drive high-torque main motor
  • Easy to adjust and precise motorized feeding guides
  • Feeding guides with replaceable protective steel inserts
NT60 machine

Technical specifications

  • Min./max. threading diameter M7/M30
  • Range of die sizes WB40, WB50 and WB60
  • Maximum thread length 200 mm
  • Maximum blanks length 300 mm
  • Maximum production speed 115 ppm
NT60 machine