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Machine details

NH522EL / NH622EL

Main machine benefits

  • Durable design, made to last
  • Consistent product output
  • Easy to set-up, operate and perform maintenance
  • Linear wire feed system
  • Suitable for an extensive wide range of products
  • Modular concept


NH612 machine

Technical specifications

NH522EL / NH622EL

  • Forging load 2300 kN
  • Number of dies 5/6
  • Cut-off diameter @ 600N/mm² 22 mm
  • Die-kick out 280 mm
  • Machine speed 140 ppm (120 ppm for long products L > 200 mm)

What's in it for you?


The Nedform NH522EL/NH622EL is the ideal machine for forming long parts with a maximum wire diameter of 22 mm. The 5 or 6 stations technology allows manufacturing of complex part geometries.

Because of its compact design and modular concept of optional machine features, installation surface is reduced to a minimum.