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The full servo-electric multi station cold former will bring a veritable revolution in cold and warm forming, partly as a result of servo technology far superior to that used in conventional mechanical machines. What’s more, the innovative machine concept makes forming easier and more efficient. Benefi ts of the former include repeatability and accuracy in manufacturing, high productivity, enhanced production flexibility and new forming possibilities. Furthermore, easy operation reduces the required operator skill level and will result in less human errors. Thanks to the standard green features, energy consumption is reduced. The machine is also practically wear-free due to the direct drive transmission of power.

NC714 partformer

Making forming easier and efficient

Unique machine features

  • Direct drive of the crankshaft via servo torque motor resulting in freely programmable speed-travel characteristics and full forging force even at start and creep speed.
  • Impact wire cutter (10 m/s), plane and precise shearing surface with minimal deformation and hardening even in case of soft material.
  • Servo direct drive linear wire feed, electronically adjustable at a length precision of 0,01mm and makes length corrections during production possible.
  • Servo-motor-actuated transfer fi ngers and servo-motor-driven transfer slide. Cross transfer movement, individual finger opening and closing, and clamping pressure of each finger is electronically set. Programming of these settings can be set in any position of the main slide.
  • FOP transfer : the fingers open so far that they completely clear the punches. Makes pick-up of very short parts from punch or die possible, and allows the use of extra large punch diameters, hence more forming capabilities.
  • Integrated quick tool change system. It allows easy removal of die block, punch block and cutter block by integrated hand guided crane.
  • Soft drop product discharge, to provide parts of getting damaged from falling. An undoubted vital feature among manufacturers to minimize the product reject rate.
  • Easy access to the machine utilities and cold forming area for user-friendly operation, maintenance and inspection.
NC714 partformer

Technical specifications


  • Forging load 1000 kN
  • Number of dies 7
  • Cut-off diameter 12 mm
  • Die-kick out 100 mm
  • Machine speed 180 ppm