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In a highly competitive manufacturing environment, you must be able to rely on the machines you work with on a daily base. It is inevitable to sometimes replace a part to prevent the machine from stopping later. This way, you can rely on the full benefits of the capacity and reliability of our machines over a prolonged period of time. Spare parts can be purchased through our service department, assuring a quick delivery of high-quality parts for your machine and hence continued performance.

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Stock strategy

As a service to our customers, Nedschroef Machinery can supply parts from our (safety) stock relatively easily. However, the unique nature of our machines installed worldwide means we cannot keep the entire portfolio of parts in stock. However, we do ensure availability of essential parts such as couplings. 

Our stock strategy is based on detailed risk analyses of our machines. This allows us to determine which parts must be in stock at customer sites, as well as at Nedschroef, to perform fast,  timely maintenance or repairs. For custom machines, stock is kept at the customer site, while standard parts are generally stored at Nedschroef Machinery. We buy in parts for automation or electronic components (PLCs) whereas mechanical machine components are manufactured by us. We continuously keep investing in new machinery in order to produce critical parts vital for the reliability of the machine in-house.

Our stock includes a wide range of mechanical machine parts, including raw materials, gears, crank and camshafts, main slides, connecting rods, drive shafts, point heads, and threaded bushings. 

Getting you up and running again in no time

Spare parts delivery

Our spare parts delivery service ensures you always have the right parts on hand to keep your machines running. You can rely on us to provide any machine part you need or even help optimize your inventory. 

We strive to deliver any spare part required for planned maintenance or emergency repairs. This ranges from mechanical parts to electronic components such as sensors and drives. 

Ready availability of spares minimizes downtime whenever a machine part needs to be replaced. To achieve this, we can assist you in implementing an efficient warehouse process. This entails analyzing spare and wear parts usage together with you, to help ensure your warehouses are storing the right parts in the right quantities.