Tool development

Tooling design and engineering determines the shape of the end-product, tool life and process stability. Designing tooling sets for innovative products and on customer specifications is complex. It requires extensive know how about material flow and capabilities of the machine. Our specialist have that knowledge and experience.


NEDSCHROEF Machinery offers the following tooling design services:


Feasibility studies
Check for cold-forming feasibility and make a proposal for the requested part, matching the machine specifications to fulfil the part requirements in accordance with your needs.


Finite element simulation
We use 2 and 3-D finite element packages to optimise tool lay-out and to control material-flow characteristics and tool stresses during the forming process. The analysis allows the development of an optimum process – with reduced tool and development costs and minimised machine downtime caused by tool failure.


Tool development
We develop the cold or warm forming progression and deliver a complete tool book with CAD part drawings and a tool assembly drawing. We will also take care of fast delivery of the complete tool-set.


Tool trial
Our tooling specialists will start up and fine-tune newly developed parts at one of our facilities or on site.