Quality Policy at Nedschroef Herentals NV   


Since its foundation Nedschroef Herentals NV attaches great importance to the quality of delivered products and services.  The development of our organisation, activities, personnel and external relations is an ongoing activity striving for excellent performance, customer satisfaction and shareholder value.


For our quality system we combine all appointments and procedures and we work to the standards according to
ISO 9001:2015 for the management and control of our business activities, and make this available to all our staff.


This standard directs Nedschroef Machinery NV to deliver high quality products, to continuous improve its business processes and to maintain loyal long terms relationships with customers, suppliers and partners.  As it fits in such a context, the entire organization is regularly vetted and  through the top-down approach everyone is involved in the implementation of the quality system.


The main lines of our quality policy are :



Quality is a degree of excellence that keeps changing, and we recognize its importance for the future of our company.  This quality policy is therefore applicable to all processes and activities of Nedschroef Herentals NV.