It takes more than just tool block change

Most likely your machine is scheduled for more than one product. So changing-over from one product to another is a recurring operation. Of course you want to minimize change-over time, as it is non-productive time. We studied the product change-over activity of multiple operations. Up to 65% of the total change-over time is used for centering, dimensioning, setting of conditions, trial runs and adjusting machine settings.

Our solution

If you want to maximize machine uptime, we advise you to use a machine with:

  1. A fixed, strong die-block (precision)
  2. Quick-change punch-block (new feature)
  3. Punch monitor and off-set tool (new feature)
  4. Servo-driven finger transfer timing (new feature)
  5. Motorised kick-out
  6. Servo-driven wire feed (new feature)
  7. Setting by one touch on operator panel

Reproducibility is key

Change-over is much more than changing the die and punch block. It is all about reproducing proven settings. The motorized adjustment of machine-settings and unique repeatable off-set tool of punches allows you to reproduce the settings you have harshly found with earlier centring, dimensioning and trial runs. Your next product will run in no time! Furthermore less experienced operators are also able to perform the change-over quickly.

Seeing is believing

NEDSCHROEF Machinery is continuously addressing the challenge to shorten product change-over time. Over the years we have introduced a spectrum of quick product and machine set-up machine features. We will be pleased to show you in real-life the possibilities of our machines. In our Technology Centre in Herentals, Belgium you can explore the features of our machines. Our experienced technicians can help you to find new and useful ways to improve your productivity.