Cold and warm forming technology

The cold and warm forming technology allows you to produce parts with superior mechanical properties at high speeds and with a minimum of waste or even none at all! These technologies provide attractive alternatives to conventional production methods, such as turning, milling, grinding, drilling and welding. Cold and warm metal-forming proves to be especially cost-effective when large numbers of parts have to be produced. NEDSCHROEF Machinery has built up extensive knowledge in the area of cold and warm forming technology. We will be happy to advise you about the possibilities.


How does it works?

  1. Metal wire is fed into the cold forming machine, where it is cut-off to the appropriate length.
  2. It is then forged with extreme pressure between two (punch and die) tool parts (forming station).
  3. The part is transported to the next forming stations, which each progressively determine the end-shape of the output.
  4. Pointing and threading modules can be integrated into one machine to create a complete bolt making unit.




Advantages metal forming